Our philosophy is that funds raised should be predominantly awarded to local charities. This year we shall be combining the proceeds from both sporting events with funds being donated to the Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled (JSAD) and The Jersey Society for Deaf Children and Young Adults, as well as additional donations being made to MS Jersey, The Jersey Football Referees Association and Diabetes Jersey.

Le Tournoi has also formed a close relationship with Education for the Children Foundation (EFTC), a UK-registered charity who provide education for poverty stricken kids in Guatemala. EFTC assist us in raising funds by providing numerous items for auction, and by using their extensive contacts to provide well-known sporting stars to attend our events. A revenue sharing arrangement ensures that a substantial proportion of funds raised through this relationship remain within the island.


The Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled was founded in 1984, the main aim being to encourage and support people with disability who wish to take part in sport.

Since that time JSAD has developed into a true 'pan disability' organisation. The Association now has a considerable local membership, which is open to all age groups and disabilities. The majority of our activities are based around participation but there are some highly competitive groups and individuals who have successfully taken their sport to international level. This includes a World Champion in the discipline of gymnastics.

JSAD have developed a considerable variety of sporting opportunities for those with disability on Jersey, all of which are supported by volunteer staff which means that all funds raised or donated to the Association can be targeted directly at helping local people.

For further information on JSAD please contact Paul Patterson on 872855.


(formerly Jersey Society for Deaf Children & Young Adults)

Earsay provide a wide range of support for deaf children and young adults, a number have education off the island because Jersey does not have the facilities or the experience required.

The main areas where Earsay can help include:

  • Provide equipment for children, schools and the hospital
  • Support parents particularly when their child's deafness is diagnosed
  • Work with the National Deaf Children's Society
  • Provide access to local events such as bringing over interpreters for signed pantomimes or visits to attractions
  • Work with education departments, schools, parents and children to help ensure that appropriate facilities are provided for the children
  • Arrange social events for children
  • Facilitate parent groups to share experience or concerns

Education for the Children Foundation

Education for the Children Foundation (EFTC) exists to help the poorest children in Central America of the streets and into the classroom, providing a positive alternative to a life of begging on the streets. Education is beyond the majority of families due to both the cost of attending school, and the need for children to work for a pittance from an early age to help provide for the family. Most children usually end up working or begging in the markets or on the street to help contribute to the family income. 'This Poverty cycle can only be broken by Education'

Le Tournoi have sponsored five kids since 2005, and it is amazing to hear from these individuals and see how they are progressing so well in school. Remember - before Le Tournoi began funding them, they were destined for a life of poverty with no chance to break their family's cycle of misery.

"We have now opened our second school and without the help of Le Tournoi and everyone concerned this would not have been possible. You are all making a difference to the life's of these children, and for this we are so grateful. Thank you again to all concerned."
Emma Denman, EFTC

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Here are the kids that you are supporting to have a better life: