2008 Sailing Challenge


After a tightly-fought final race from Cowes to Portsmouth, Aztec Group have been crowned as champions of the 2008 Sailing Challenge by the narrowest of margins, a single point, from defending champions Rawlinson & Hunter.

The winning crew (who participated in one or more of the qualifying races) comprised of Richard Harris (Skipper), Chris Hatton, Andy Le Seelleur, Sarah Harris, Steve Kent, Darren La Louche, Simon Radford, John Hanley, Jenny McIvor, Chris Lanyon and Kate Jenkins.

Race Results

Boat Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total POSITION
6 Aztec Group 1 6 3 Cancelled 2 6 1
21 Rawlinson &  Hunter 5 4 2 Cancelled 1 7 2
31 NatWest 2 1 4 Cancelled  7 7 3
40 De La Salle College 4 8 1 Cancelled 4 9 4
28 RBSI Corporate 3 5 5 Cancelled 3 11 5
29 RBSI Central Areas 8 3 6 Cancelled 6 15 6
19 Lombard 7 2 7 Cancelled 8 16 7
16 Jersey Deaf Childrens Society 6 7 8 Cancelled 5 18 8

Positions in bold represent the discarded result as permitted in the Race Instructions and Notice of Race.

Letter received from His Excellency General Andrew Ridgway, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey and Patron of Le Tournoi

Dear Andy

Just a quick note to thank you and the team for inviting Valerie and me to join you for the Sailing Challenge dinner on Friday. It was great fun and terrific to see how the crews were all enjoying the experience. We very much enjoyed the opportunity to chat with the crews, especially the deaf crew who were great.

We thought that the whole event went off really well and we hope you all returned safely from Portsmouth!

Thank you again for including us

E-mail received from His Excellency Admiral Sir Fabian Malbon, Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey and Patron of Le Tournoi Sailing Challenge

Andy, Good to hear from you and glad to hear that Le Tournoi was such a success. Just sorry that I was laid up! I look forward to being more useful next time.

Yours Aye