2008 Football Challenge

What a weekend! The Soccer Challenge has finally come of age and now justifiably ranks amongst the best fundraising events in Jersey. With 200 kids attending the Community Coaching day at Springfield on Friday, an estimated 500 joining the Waterfront party on Friday evening and 1,100 players aged between 5 and 55 playing at Les Quennevais over the weekend there are few events that come close.

The standard of soccer has been exceptional, played in high temperatures. The most pleasing aspect of the weekend has been the disciplinary record, with very few incidents reported and we thank all teams for maintaining our special ethos of corporate sport for a charitable end game. Thanks are also ougoing from the referees who have asked us to extend their gratefulness for an almost impeccable event.

2008-football-5.jpg2008-football-4.jpgThe Minis Challenges were a runaway success with 160 kids from school years 2 and 3 present on Saturday and 220 on Sunday from years 4 and 5. Every child enjoyed a lengthy coaching session from the four Southampton Academy staff and then competed in a challenge in the afternoon.


Congratulations to 365 Tickets Limited, the new Mens Champions who beat HSBC International on penalties following a thrilling 1-1 draw. UBS won the Plate Challenge by conquering DIS Electrics 5-1 in their final. The Ladies Challenge was won by a team who went by the name of 7 Beans and a Jock who overcame RBS International and the inaugural Veterans Challenge was won by On Tapp Veterans.

2008-football-2.jpg2008-football-3.jpgThe Minis Challenges were a runaway success with 160 kids from school years 2 and 3 present on Saturday and 220 on Sunday from years 4 and 5. Every child enjoyed a lengthy coaching session from the four Southampton Academy staff and then competed in a challenge in the afternoon.

“Many thanks to you, John and everyone that was involved with Le Tournoi over the weekend. My group really enjoyed the day and it was especially good to have a few games in the inflatable 5-a-side pitches, thanks to Dave K. The highlight for us all was to have Kevin Kilbane and Colin Nell join in one of our games, which also attracted a good crowd. We certainly had a full day and there were no injuries except for the coaches joints which still ache today!”

Gary Norman
Head Coach, Learning Difficulties St Pauls Squad

"I would like to say what a wonderful initiative the Le Tournoi sport and music weekend was. This initiative was held by Le Tournoi with David Kennedy and the Jersey Youth Service. As the Safer St Helier group supported the event, I went to it in St Helier and was extremely impressed with the young people who took part and the drive and enthusiasm of those who organised it. This is just the sort of initiative we need to show our young people that we want them to grow into responsible and caring community members. Events like this need to be encouraged".

Colin Russell
Chairman, Safer St Helier Community Partnership

“Although still a little bleary-eyed, I am now back at the millstone and thought I would drop you a quick line to both thank you again for a great couple of days and to congratulate you on an excellent festival of football. I know Kevin really enjoyed the weekend and I hope that his presence helped in further demonstrating how strong and progressive your tounament now is. It was great to meet 'the team' on Saturday night (my feet still hurt!!!) It clearly demonstrated just how much time, effort and planning you all do to ensure the success of Le Tournoi. It would be a privilege to work with you in any way I can over the next twelve months, so please never hesitate to give me a call if you think I can help with anything. With very best wishes”.

Christian Smith
Senior Executive Head of London Commercial Department PFA Enterprises Ltd

“Andy - just a few words in appreciation of you and your team's efforts over the weekend (and beyond). It was a privilege to be a small part of it yet again and make a contribution to your noble fund raising efforts.  I know I slept soundly last night after two exhausting days, and a few slugs of the amber fluid (never has it tasted sweeter!!). It was a good idea to have the referees tent up, as it doubled up as a focal point for all the guys and stimulated quite a bit of interest in our recruitment programme. Well done to John, Fitz et al for their parts”.

Paul Daniel
President, Jersey Football Referees Association

"Was just emailing you actually, yes myself, turnip and mange tout are back safe and well and we can’t stop talking about what a fantastic weekend we’ve had. Thanks so much for everything, we were made to feel so welcome by everybody and we feel very lucky to have been present at such a great event. If there is anything else at all that we can help you with, please DO NOT hesitate to let us know".

Nicola Mouyia
Account Manager, Callard UK Limited

In order to cater for this expansion, we are indebted to:

  • ESC and Les Quennevais groundstaff for providing additional pitches
  • David Kennedy for providing his inflatable pitches and bringing his community soccer programme to Le Tournoi for the first time
  • The Princes Trust for providing project managers to organise the youth event
  • Brian Oliver, FA Development Manager, for building our links with the FA, including the matched funding for the purchase of new goalposts
  • Ricky Weir, President of the Jersey FA for his continued support
  • Gill Morgan and Kayleigh Alexandre for organising the Girls Challenge
  • Charlie Browne and Gary Norman for managing the involvement of the Learning Difficulties St Pauls squad
  • Paul Daniel and all members of the Jersey Football Referees Association for providing all of the match officials

Should you be interested in taking part, or getting involved in any other way please make your enquiries by sending an e-mail to admin@letournoi.org