In The Community

Posted on July 9, 2012

Le Tournoi is committed to helping a wide range of charities and community initiatives, both financially and in other ways too. Quite often, good causes who are not necessarily in the Premier League of local fundraising find it difficult to showcase their work to potential financial donors. We try to assist by using our considerable knowledge of local businesses to identify who we think may be well suited to assist a particular cause or a particular issue, be it in marketing, advertising and design, IT or whatever.

Over the years, we have supported a variety of good causes from disability sport to the RNLI, deaf children and the MS Society. We have also followed and promoted the great work undertaken by David Kennedy and his team at Community Sport Development. We don’t just stop with our events either and are proud of other achievements such as the establishment of a live music festival for Jersey’s youth bands, following a partnership with Ivor Richards of the La Motte Street Studios.

Although fundraising isn’t the be all and end all of our work, we are delighted to have made financial contributions in excess of £250,000 since the first event back in 2001. A quarter of a million pounds which has had a huge positive impact in our community and beyond. Times are tough for everyone these days, no more so than for the smaller charities who do so much for our community, where fundraising is harder than ever in this tough economic climate.

In 2010 our commitment to the community was recognised when we were nominated for the Community category of the Jersey Enterprise Awards, finishing in the runners-up spot.